lake house

Kyiv region / 2019

Working on a country house project for this family, we wanted to combine modern minimalistic design while making it warm and cozy. The main area on the ground floor is a large kitchen dining room. Natural veneer facades, glass inserts, and quartz countertops have made the kitchen sophisticated, but at the same time very homely. Having visually fenced off the living area with a wall made of wooden slats, we made it more secluded for quiet family evenings.

  • status: completed
  • Designers: Nataliia Syrota, Maryna Movchan
  • Year: 2019
  • Area: 400 m2

In the master bedroom, we paid special attention to the combination of styles and textures. The backlit onyx back panel has become the main element of the room, and the texture of the decorative plaster continues the patterns on the stone and adds completeness. It was decided to make the facades of the furniture, on the contrary, very minimalistic, so that even lines would balance the interior. Another key element is the rooms – French herringbone parquet, another texture that only added grace. The combination of all these colors and textures made the room distinctive, modern, and at the same time homely.
Working on the children’s room, we tried to make it universal for any age of the child. Thus, we have allocated a sleeping area and a separate area for games, which over time can transform into a study area. All electrical leads were provided in advance in the future place for the desktop, and all elements of the playroom were made easily removable.
The bathroom serves as a continuation of the overall style of the house. Natural materials and directional lighting make it the perfect place to unwind after a long day.
The office is decorated in a discreet but elegant style. A massive wooden table, a library area, and an area for meetings with partners – we wanted to make it so that there was no need to go to the office.
We worked out in detail the exterior of the house and the landscape of the territory. Thus, on the second floor from the bedroom, there is an exit to the terrace, where you can start the day perfectly with a cup of coffee or read a book on a weekend. The central element of the landscape is the lake in front of the entrance to the house; it is perfectly visible from all the main rooms and the terrace on the ground floor.

lake house
lake house
lake house
lake house

light house

Kyiv region / 2020