light house

Kyiv region / 2020

This exquisite house gives a feeling of space, boundless lightness and freedom.

Our main task was to create a modern house in the middle of the forest without losing the sense of unity with nature. To render the feeling, the house is designed in such a way that while relaxing in the main living room, you can admire the views through the panoramic windows, as if house and nature became a whole.

  • status: completed
  • Designers: Nataliia Syrota, Andrii Solovyov
  • Year: 2020
  • Area: 350 m2

The facade of the house mainly consists of panoramic windows. We used high quality glass with good energy efficiency, so the inside of the house turned out very warm.

On the one hand, it may seem that high-quality glass in such quantities is very expensive. But if you take into account the cost of construction of primary walls, their exterior and interior decoration, the cost will be much higher.

HPL panels harmoniously complemented the glass facade. In addition to their visual perfection, they are extremely convenient for exterior cladding, as they do not require special care.

We used modern heating and cooling technologies for the building’s functioning. Cold and hot water are supplied by heat pumps. Thanks to such decisions, we completely gave up gas consumption. Our concept has made it possible to minimize the maintaining costs for such a house.

The layout of the premises is made in such a way that no matter what area of the house you are in, you always have the opportunity to admire nature. Even the bathroom and the shower room have glass roofs.

We placed several seating areas on the terrace in front of the house. In the middle, there is a pool and a place where you can put sunbeds. Nearby, there is an area for barbecues, family dinners and cordial gatherings with friends.

The main highlight of this house is a big amount. of light. We designed a special ceiling, raised above the living area, where we installed artificial light. This effect creates the feeling that the house glows from within. Together with the light on the facade, the house looks very cozy and stylish.

light house
light house
light house
light house

perfect place