Dubai / 2021

We have completed the project of a gym area and changing rooms for the VOCO hotel of the InterContinental chain in Dubai.

  • status: in progress
  • Designers: Nataliia Syrota, Andrii Solovyov
  • Year: 2021
  • Area: 200 m²

When working on this project, we worked out in detail all the guidelines of the international hotel chain InterContinental to take into account and implement all the requirements for the use of finishing materials, stylistic solutions, and engineering solutions that are allowed by the company’s standards. All sanitary equipment has been used with touch controls to minimize human contact with various surfaces for sanitation reasons. Much attention has been paid to the correct lighting in the gym area to ensure that training is as efficient as possible, as it has been proven that the correct, high-quality light affects human productivity. A green wall with natural plants serves as a bright accent, which gives the interior brightness, naturalness, and activity.



Kyiv / 2018