Florida / 2020

A modern elegant villa in Florida is our big project that demonstrates our ability to implement many unusual solutions.

  • status: completed
  • Designers: Nataliia Syrota, Andrii Solovyov
  • Year: 2020
  • Area: 800 m2

Architecture always has to create a harmonious blend with the surrounding landscape. In this case, the state of Florida, with its climatic conditions, allowed us to create a visually light, bright house appropriate for this area. The white flat facade looks great against the background of Florida’s blue sky, fitting perfectly into the surrounding landscapes.

The terrace presents a beautiful view of the picturesque nature. The geometry of the site made it possible to place several comfortable relaxation zones. We have equipped a barbecue area, a bar, a swimming pool, a table tennis, and a lounge area with upholstered furniture on the terrace. As a result, we have created an unbound space for relaxation and active pastime with the opportunity to merge with the nature.

The design of the main rooms has a cohesive style. Only ultra-modern expensive materials, with the addition of natural wood and various variations of marble, are used in the decoration.

The kitchen looks quite different from how we’re used to imagining it. Instead of being a separate part, it is integrated into the living room while preserving the stylistic concept of both areas.

We have completely shifted from the conventional idea of a kitchen in order to create a space where you can not only cook but also enjoy the scenery and communicate with family or guests. The person cooking meals in the kitchen should not feel isolated from the rest of the family. Hence, this planning allows everyone to do their job and at the same time communicate with each other and spend more time together.

Large picture windows give a sense of space and offer a beautiful view of the surrounding landscapes. The windows as well help maximize the illumination of the space with natural light beneficial for both one’s eyesight and state of mind.

The fireplace emphasizes the atmosphere of coziness and light romance as well as encourages meaningful conversations.

The design of a modern kitchen is created using ultra-modern expensive materials. Custom-made furniture for built-in appliances played a key role in the design process. The lack of handles and other visible elements made it concise and elegant.

We have created a space where cooking feels like a pleasant pastime rather than a mundane house chore. The process can be accompanied by a glass of wine or conversations with relatives by the fireplace. It is also possible to have some alone time while enjoying the surrounding scenery.


Premium Apartment

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