About us

About us

We are generators of ideas, each of which is targeted at the life standards improvement. We are professionals having substantial experience in successful implementation of architectural and interior design projects in different countries. We work with various squires and budgets, and always know how to implement the project to meet the needs of our client – an investor, constructor, developer, owner of business, land, residence, apartment.

We create projects in different countries and have our headquarters in Tel Aviv, whose team exclusively represents us in Israel, the USA and Canada.

When creating our projects, we aim at making each of them an integral part of the whole so that each human has a place to feel natural that may be defined as ‘mine’ and perfectly comfortable.

“We feel so good here that do not want to leave” – these words of the people leaving and working in the spaces we developed is the best recognition for us.



«We use  the best  today to create the beauty tomorrow.»


Nataliia Syrota, founder SINATA

architectural & interior creator



To create aesthetic, comfortable and energy-efficient spaces, thereby forming a harmonious environment for everyone’s happy life.


– professionalism and creativity

– responsibility for the result

– innovation and striving for the best.

– respect for the human being and the environment

– trust and openness


Our company team only professionals – architects, designers, engineers and constructors. In addition to professionalism, we are all united by common values, the ability to think outside the box, understanding and promptly solving the problems of each project. We do what we love and we love what we do.